Autumn Running Tips


Autumn Running Tips

Last night, as I was coaching, it was the first time this year when the sunset snuck up on me. By the end of the session we could barely see where we were running so the 4x 10 second sprints I had planned for the runners got swapped out for some squats and lunges.

If you don’t want to be caught out like me as autumn kicks into gear, here’s some tips that you might find useful.

5 Top Tips For Keeping Running

ONE: Check the sunset/sunrise time

As a coach I have the safety of the runners to consider and so I’m always checking what time the sun rises and sets. Except for yesterday. Whoops. The BBC weather app shows this, so you can plan ahead. It will inform when you choose to run and what you wear.

TWO: Layer your kit

The trick to keeping running as the days get colder is layers. At first you’ll just need a long sleeve, then as few weeks later, maybe another light top over that. By January you’ll probably be bundled up like Joey from Friends, but you’ll learn as the weeks go by. And layers can be taken off as you warm up on your run.

THREE: Remember your warm-up

On colder days, runners are often tempted to skip their warm-up in favour of getting going as quickly as possible. But warm-ups make a real difference to your performance and can reduce the risk of getting injured. If you absolutely don’t want to do it outside, I have an indoor warm-up you can try.

FOUR: Pick a goal

Whether it’s a race, a distance or a number of miles you want to run in a month, pick something to focus on that will keep you motivated to get out there. parkrun is back, so why not aim for a new 5k PB, or if that’s unlikely see how many parkruns you can complete before Christmas.

FIVE: Be consistent

We know that consistency is important for improving as a runner. A couple of months or consistent easy mileage is worth more than sporadic speed sessions and missed runs. But consistency is also how you deal with the drop in temperature. If you keep getting out there each week you’ll hardly notice it get colder and you’ll be better able to cope with the winter running.

Blog in partnership with Very  who provided the kit worn. Under Armour training rush jacket and Under Armour Phantom 2 running shoes.

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