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Just like we eat seasonally at Mindful Chef to help us stay happy and healthy during the year, our self-care routines need a seasonal switch-up too. The reason for that is simple—the seasons affect our body and mind. Scientific studies show that seasonal variations in daylight, temperatures and weather conditions affect us tremendously. Our mood, metabolism, hormone balance and sleep patterns all change along with the seasonal cycles.

With that in mind, our good friends at Rituals have shared their 4 easy tips for health and well-being in the colder months:

1. Lean on scent

What we smell directly influences our mood and our attitude, so fill your space with fragrances to suit your every need. Energy and mood can be low in the colder months due to lack of sunlight, but the fresh yet zesty fragrance of sweet orange from The Ritual of Mehr at Rituals will boost your mood and energy levels within a blink of an eye

A perfect spot for your Mehr fragrance sticks or candle is in your home office or near your favourite seat in the living room. So, you can start your day feeling completely energised. Or infuse your surroundings with The Ritual of Mehr interior spray and bring an instant happy feel to your home.

2. Get Outside

As the nights draw in and the morning sunlight streaming through the window becomes a distant memory, the dull days of winter can affect our mood. Try to prioritise getting outside when it’s sunny, the sun in autumn and winter may not be as strong but it can still have the power to help you feel happy. In fact, even on cloudy days getting outside first thing in the morning can really help boost your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Try sitting outside with your morning tea or replacing your short drives with walks to get your dose of fresh air, natural light and exercise during the cold months.

3. Fill Your Space with Greenery

Houseplants are not only a lovely interior design touch, they can also help detoxify your home and bring nature into your home. Perhaps you can start a herb garden on your window frame, or pop a plant on your shelf. Any attempt at bringing a bit more nature into your daily life will yield positive results, for instance recycling The Ritual of Hammam empty candle jar into a plant pot – it will look beautiful and give your space some much-needed freshness.

4. Quality Sleep

Promote your sleep in the cosy winter months with the calming combination of sacred lotus and jujube found in The Ritual of Jing. Inspired by the Chinese concept of Jing, representing calmness, stillness and tranquillity, this fragrant blend helps you find your path to inner peace and cultivate the art of calm. Using the pillow spray or lighting up a candle from The Ritual of Jing before your sleep routine can work wonders. Other aromas that will help you to fall asleep without endlessly counting flocks of sheep are lavender, valerian, bergamot, and chamomile.

Want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home? Discover luxurious home fragrances from the Classic Home Collection at Rituals.com.

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