Theoretical and Numerical Tools for Studying the Critical Zone from Plots to Catchments


 What a valuable work is the thesis by Niccolò Tubini, here presented in its draft.  It covers works in hydrology of the critical zone, numerics, programming, software engineering, open science methods. Having a so wide horizon of interest it could  not be easy to grasp in all of these details, but it is well written and, we hope inspiring. As the Author, Ph.D. candidate says: “In the following we suggest that studying the CZ requires tools that are not yet readily available to researchers; then we propose one of our own. These tools should be flexible enough to allow the quick embedding of advancements in science”

Who wants to access the draft, can click on the figure of the Thesis first page below.

The Thesis included the work present in the two submitted paper by Niccolò,  on The Cryosphere and a second one presented in GMDD regarding WHETGEO-1D.  Whilst a thesis being considered kind of a definitive work, this one remains very much a work in progress with the extensions of the codes foreseen to arrive soon and whose informatics has already been implemented. All the tools developed during the Thesis are open source and freely available both as executable and source codes on Github.  Any comment or suggestion to the  Thesis draft as well as to the papers are welcomed. 

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