How to simulate and visualize output data from a SWAT+ hydrological model with QGIS and QSWAT+


SWAT + allows to simulate various physical processes in watersheds by dividing watersheds into sub-watersheds, and dividing sub-watersheds into Hydrological Response Units (HRUs), which are created based on the properties of land use, soil, and terrain topography.  

We have done a tutorial that covers the simulation process and output visualization from a basin scale hydrological model in SWAT+. The tutorial imports an existing QSWAT+ project, reviews the main geospatial parts of the model, runs the SWATPlusEditor and imports model results into the database. Finally, the available options for output data visualization in QGIS are explored for HRUs, channels and the whole basin.

Useful links

To install QGIS 3.4:

To install SWAT +:


Input data

You can download the input data from this link.

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