How to install the Python geological modeling library Gempy in Windows with Debian and WSL


Gempy is an open-source library for modeling geology written in Python. The library is capable of creating complex 3D geological models including structures, fault networks, and unconformities and it can be coupled with uncertainty analysis.

Due to the required packages and specific configuration the installation of Gempy is a challenge on Windows, we have developed an alternative installation process by the use of a Debian kernel under a Windows Subsystem for Linux. This tutorial shows the complete procedure to install Gempy from the Debian kernel setup to the review of the Gempy in Python.


Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) following the Manual Installation Steps from this link:

Install Debian or Ubuntu from the Windows Store

Insert username: “hatari” and password: “labs”

Update the Debian repositories and install packages:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install python-qt4 python3-pip libgl1-mesa-glx python3-gdal xvfb

Review files from root:

ls -a

Create a folder for the binaries:

mkdir .local

mkdir .local/bin

Edit the profile file:

nano .profile

Add this text at the bottom:

# set PATH so it includes local bin if it exists

if [ -d “/home/hatari/.local/bin” ] ; then



Update the profile configuration and show all environment variables:

source .profile


Install gempy and jupyterlab:

pip3 install numpy==1.16.5

pip3 install pyside2 jupyterlab gempy


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