Why is a good sports bra so important?


Why is a sports bra so important?

When you find a sports bra that fits you perfectly, you’ll pull it out of the dirty washing pile to wear it again instead of settling for a clean bra that isn’t as good a fit.

My breasts have changed size and shape many times over the past decade. I’ve been pregnant, had a baby, breastfed for 19 months, lost weight, put weight on – all of this has meant I’ve spent a lot of time wearing sports bras that didn’t quite fit.

I’ve worn sports bras that have been too loose in the cup, too tight in the chest band and that I’ve had to prise myself in and out of. The result is always an uncomfortable run.

Your bra affects your running form

One of the key points to focus on for good running form is posture: making sure you’re running tall with your chest up and your shoulders back. But, in my experience coaching women, this isn’t a posture than comes easily if you don’t feel confident.

Those who feel nervous or embarrassed when out running – possibly because they’ve experienced unwanted attention in the past or because it’s new to them – tend to hunch their shoulders and look down.

This can also happen if you’re conscious of your breasts moving when you run – if you find this movement uncomfortable or you’re worried about unwanted attention it may bring, the tendency is to hunch over and restrict your arm movement. Neither of these are good for your running form.

Finding a sports bra that fits

I tell my runners to imagine they’re Beyonce. How would she run? She wouldn’t hunch her shoulders and look at the floor – B would have her chin up, chest out and not care what onlookers thought.

But to do this, it helps if you feel confident in your kit.

Recently Yvette sent me some of their high-impact running sports bras and some kit.

According to Yvette’s founder Julia, even a 3mm production error will make a sports bra uncomfortable. Their range of sports bras accommodate sizes from petite size to plus size.

I’ve been running in the Power Adjustable Cross Back Padded Running Bra which I found comfortable and supportive while not being restrictive.  I used the size calculator on Yvette’s website and was surprised by the size it suggested but it turned out be be the right fit for me.

I’ve also been wearing the Echo High-waisted Side Pocket Strip Running Leggings. They have the essential phone pocket on each hip and are really soft. And, while we may now be heading out of the long-sleeve top weather, the Shift Seamless Long Sleeve T-shirt has been great for chillier runs.

I’d never heard of Yvette before they approached me to send me some samples, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their kit. It’s priced really well and the fabric and fit is great.

This post is in partnership with Yvette. All items are kindly gifted.

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