Why I Post Running Selfies on Instagram and How to Take Better Run Photos


Why I Post Running Selfies on Instagram and How to Take Better Run Photos

I’ve reached me 2000th post over on Instagram. That’s 2000 pics, mostly of myself running. So to mark this milestone, here’s how and why I take them.⁠

I use my Instagram account as an extension of my coaching, to share some advice or motivation and I want people to see the person behind the run groups. Hopefully that makes it less scary to turn up the first time.⁠

Most of my pics are shot on an iPhone using the 10 sec self timer which will do a burst of 10 shots. Usually somewhere in those 10 there’s one that looks half decent and that catches me at a flattering point in my stride.⁠

Why do I do it? I like to remember run routes I’ve done, times I went out and the sun was shining or not. I mean, look at that trail! Who wouldn’t want to remember that. But mostly I’d like people to look at a photo and think ‘yeah, I’d like to go for a run today’.⁠

To me, I’m photographing the surrounding and the act of running, not the person (me) who is actually running. If that doesn’t sound too weird.

Yep, I sometimes do it when other people are around. Though I try to do it when it’s quieter because so I don’t photograph other people. Yes, I do feel a bit awkward about it, but less so than I did. To me it’s no weirder than any other type of selfie.⁠

Sometimes I get my partner to take a pic of me if we’re out together. But that’s pretty rare since we had our son.⁠

Tips for better run selfies

  • Try to get your phone above ground level – looking down at it won’t be a flattering shot.
  • I usually prop my phone up against something – the pic above it was on a log. I have a little suction thingy a bit like this that helps.⁠
  • Use the self-timer setting on 10 seconds. This will take a burst of 10 pics (on iPhone) and one of them will usually be useable.
  • You’ll get to know when exactly in the countdown to time your run with experience.
  • Run naturally with good form – it just looks odd if you try to pose it.
  • Run closer to the camera/phone than you think.
  • If you’re getting a friend to take a pic, get them to do a burst – keep running past them instead of stopping.
  • I don’t tend to use Instagram filters, just the edit tool in Instagram to lighten them and add more saturation is it’s a dull day. You can also tone the filters down a bit by taping on them a second time and sliding down to 50% for example.

I wonder what will be happening in another 2000 pics.⁠

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