Trento Hydrology Awareness Days – 12 October 2021


 It happens that you have colleagues-friends that work on the same subject you do and live few meters from you and you jokes with them at the cafeteria, talk of everything but rarely on what you are doing in research. It happens that you have some visiting that do exciting work and are in your lab and you would like to have a seminar from them, exchange ideas, and experiment the fun of talking about research. It happens that you all have many Ph.D. students that barely know each others. 

That’s the moment to organize some Hydrology Awareness days. And that is what we did last week, on October 12 and 13.  Everybody was invited to talk about a topic of their research. The one they like, without restrictions. Twenty minutes each one that expanded sometimes to forty minutes with discussion.

Particular thanks have to be given to the visiting Scientists: Glen Tootle (GS), Venkataraman Lakshmi (GS), Chaopeng Shen (GS), Felipe de Barros (GS) who traveled for this and to our great Ph.D. students and postdocs who participated.

Here below, please find the first day program, with presentations and videos.

The Mesiano Building and environment where the talks were held

Monday 11

  • Felipe de Barros – Utilizing the Concept of Hydraulic Connectivity to Speedup Uncertainty Quantification of First Passage Times (Vimeo video)
  • Venkatataram Lakshmi – Global Hydrology and Water Resources: Big Data and New methods (Vimeo)
  • Glenn Tootle – Po River Basin Streamflow: Interannual Climatic Variability & Paleo Reconstructions (Vimeo)
  • Chaopeng Shen, From assimilating multiscale data to parameter learning: How to beat your teachers in hydrologic machine learning (Vimeo)

Lunch break

  • Alberto Bellin  Impact of climate change on water resources: what the data tell us (Vimeo) 
  • Alessandra Marzadri, Nitrous oxide emissions from streams and rivers: a scalable hybrid model environments (Vimeo)
  • Niccolò Tubini On some advances in permafrost modelling (Vimeo)
Dinner with significant others

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