The Hydrological Modelling Class 2021 – Software


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Software Used 
There is no engineering without using models. During the class will be used various open source softwares and resources:
  • Python 3.* within Jupyterlab  for scripting, and in particular the numpy, scipy, matplotlib (also here) and pandas (also here).
  • Part of the GEOframe system for the various simulations. 
  • For the terrain Analysis part the new tools of the Horton Machine will be used

All these resources are free, besides being open. 

For installations requirements, please see the Installations Instructions:

  • Installations
  • Some specific instruction about Linux users
  • Some specific instruction  about Mac users

Material of the course (other than indexed here)

The material of the course will be uploaded usually at this OSF site.

Lab Material of 2020 can be retrieved here. 


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