The GEOframe system: a modular, expandible, open-source system for doing hydrology by computer according to the open science paradigms.


GEOframe is a system for doing hydrology  by computer. It has been designed to be open for doing open science. This is the two minutes presentation given at the vEGU 2021, session EOS 5.3 – The evolving open-science landscape in geosciences: open data, software, publications and community initiatives.

There are other good tools around but we believe GEOframe is special for its design and flexibility.  We are not telling very much about GEOframe here though. Comprehensive information can be obtained by browsing the material of the last GEOframe Winter School. A shorter introduction, yet not exhaustive can be for here (link to be added). By clicking on the above figure, please get the slides of the presentation below. 

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