The GEOframe Schools Index


 The number of GEOframe schools has grown regularly during the last years, since 2019.  We think that it could be interesting to keep track of them and their material in a unique place, and this is it. The most recent are first, the initial one the last.

Links contains presentations, video, reference to code. Obviously the most recent material is more up-to-date but we did not cover the same topics along the years and therefore it could be interesting to browse also the old stuff. Please notice that the Winter School address Catchment modelling with lumped models (Hydrological Dynamical Systems), i.e. GEOframe-NewAGE modelling solutions; the Summer Schools are dedicated  to process-based modelling, i.e. WHETGEO and GEO-SPACE.  (Water, Heat, Energy and Transport in GEOframe, GEOframe Soil Plants Atmosphere Continuum Estimator).

  • GEOframe Summer School 2021
  • GEO frame Short Course for AdbPO 2021
  • GEOframe Winter School 2021
  • GEOframe Winter School 2020
  • GEOframe Winter School 2019
GEOframe parts are also taught in the Classes of Hydrology (in Italian) and Hydrological Modelling (in English and Italian) of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Hydrological Modeling  2021
  • Hydrology 2021
  • Hydrological Modelling 2020
  • Hydrology 2020
  • Hydrology 2019

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