The GEOframe-Prospero ET model


 As an outcome of Michele Bottazzi dissertation finally we have this first paper. It is a validation of the Prospero model of evapotranspiration. What is that special in the Prospero Model ? At the end it is a Jarvis-Type ET model but what then. Is that new ? Part of the novelty, obviously, comes from it to be in the GEOframe system and  to be used conjointly with  the 50 or more components available. Part of its novelty is in being an OMS3 component which allows for being inserted in a spatial hydrologic unit or in many of them, connected by Net3 to return the semi-distributed transpiration all over a large catchment.  These features already distinguish it from other more normal implementation of ET estimations. 

However, part of the novelty is in its equations. It get the solution of the vegetation energy budget using the method first envisioned by Schimansky and Or and returning as prognostic variables, besides transpiration, the sensible heat, temperature and water vapor pressure. 

This paper validate the model in five grassland sites of the FLUXNET networks, differentiated by being in distinct climate classes. For the results of the application, please read the paper preprint by clicking the figure above. One result I can anticipate. At least for grassland, Prospero works decently well, even without calibration of the parameters, This is quite a result in its simplicity.

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