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Graffiti-what? Introducing Graffiti Aubergines, in season now and on your September menu.


Born on the Isle of Wight, which has more sunshine than anywhere else in the UK (not jealous). These beauties are grown by The Tomato Stall, known for their sustainability credentials (hello, biodegradable growing system) and rich, fertile Arreton soil.


The graffiti aubergine is not dissimilar in taste to its purple kin, although it’s slightly sweeter. And it looks a whole lot funkier. You cook these vibrant striped aubergines in the same way – they’re great for soaking up flavour, so lend themselves to punchy, bold dishes.

On the menu

Aubergine & pesto bake with roasted kale

On the menu 12th – 18th September

Layers of gooey aubergine join fresh basil pesto and a rich tomato sauce in this hearty bake. A ground almond crumb brings a moreish crunch, while crisp roasted kale delivers essential vitamins.

Family aubergine & lentil bake with pesto potatoes

On the menu 12th – 18th September

Here’s an easy, simple veggie bake with gooey layers of fibre-rich aubergine, tomato-stewed lentils and a scrumptious golden almond crumb. Pesto-coated baby potatoes, tossed with healthy spinach, are there to soak up the extra sauce.

Spiced lentils with aubergine & harissa yoghurt

On the menu 19th – 25th September

Middle Eastern flavours for any night of the week. Gooey baked aubergine, smothered in harissa, tops lentils stewed with our Middle Eastern spice, garlic and toasted almonds. A scattering of crispy kale and squeeze of lemon top it off.

Family creamy veggie moussaka with green beans

On the menu 19th – 25th September

Creamy béchamel; gooey, slow-cooked aubergine; hearty tomato sauce – our vegan spin on traditional moussaka features all the delicious flavours of the original, minus the meat. We serve it up with fresh, fibre-rich green beans.

Find out more about preparing, storing and eating aubergines, here.

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