Saving Water Growing Crops – A M.S. Thesis by Nicola D’Alberton


Climate change will affect the groundwater availability in the next decades and impose new challenges to save water in agriculture. 

The project Saving Water Growing Crops takes place in a rural mountain area of Lebanon and is focused on promoting a new efficient smart irrigation technology and the rehabilitation of three rainwater harvesting reservoirs (ponds). This could lead to significant water savings, and thus increase the resilience of the communities to climate change. 

The present study aims to analyse and map the situation in the target area, to model the current situation and design different scenarios to estimate the benefits given by the different project solutions.
Further developments are discussed to obtain more reliable model to represent the processes and evaluate the efficiency of the intervention.  
The results showed that the implementation of the smart irrigation technology and the rehabilitation of the catchment system of the ponds may save a significant amount of water limiting the dependency on groundwater. Please find the thesis manuscript by clicking on the Figure above.

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