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Every time we put fresh prawns on the menu, you go wild for them. That’s because they’re not just any prawns. Ours come from the global leader in sustainably sourced prawns.

So we’re taking you on a deep dive with Claire from The Big Prawn Co. She chats with Myles about sustainability, community, tiger prawns, coldwater prawns – even Orangutans (not a prawn). If you’ve not tried them yet, look for juicy tiger prawns from Borneo and tasty coldwater prawns from Greenland on your menu.

We also get an insider’s view of their brilliant work, the prawns they sustainably harvest, even what would happen if Mindful Chef and The Big Prawn Co had a party. 

Why Prawns? Tell us why they’re so great

This answer is going to bring out our inner science geek! Sarah, our head of NPD, champions them as one of the greatest protein sources it’s possible to eat. 

What’s in a prawn?

They have high levels of selenium, which is a super effective antioxidant for maintaining healthy cells AND they contain high levels of zinc, which is important for developing a healthy immune system. 

What’s your favourite way to eat them?

An absolute classic that never gets old: shell-on prawns, garlic, a squeeze of lemon, and a hunk of crusty bread to mop up the juices. Throw in a sunny day, a nice cold beer and we could almost imagine we were on holiday…

Why Mindful Chef? 

Garlic & chilli prawn noodle stir fry

This was such an easy decision for us. It’s so important for us to work with companies that share our values and standards when it comes to sustainability, responsible sourcing and the planet. 

It’s also a lot about passing it on, we love that Mindful Chef donates meals for each one sold, and working with people that share our aspirations for making something a bit better for others is a privilege. 

Lots of our team members have had the chance to work together in the last few months and we kinda think if Big Prawn and Mindful Chef had a joint Christmas party we’d all have a ball, singing karaoke and bonding over song choices, gin flavours and our shared love of excellent food.

Tell us more about The Big Prawn Co

Sean, our chairman, founded The Big Prawn Co back in 1995 because he wanted everyone in the UK to enjoy the amazing seafood that people lucky enough to travel abroad get to try. Prawns were the main focus, and his love of them was so strong that he named the company in their honour!

As for the Big in our name, well that’s about the size of our ambition. It’s with regard to doing the right thing – sustainability has been an integral part of our vision since day one and something that will always be fundamental to our company. 

We have a global supply network of many suppliers and a huge part of our values is nurturing and protecting their communities; that’s the people who fish for us, the environments local to each of them and of course the fish themselves. 

And we sum this up in our catchphrase, People, Planet, Prawns. We hope that we challenge ourselves and the industry to think big, and to do things better.

What are your hopes for the future?

The dream for us is to make a meaningful difference. We’re constantly working to push the industry standards further. 

Many of the fisheries we work with are very small; and by working with them to help them achieve recognised accreditations that improve practices for their workers and the environment, we also help bring them economic growth and opportunities for their communities. 

The best thing? We in the UK get to enjoy the delicious fruits of their labours: the amazing prawns, knowing that everyone involved in the process has been paid a fair share for their hard work. 

Tell us about your Orangutan charity?

The BOSF does vital work. From rescuing orphaned orangutans from areas of human-wildlife conflict, their rehabilitation journey, to working with local communities and conserving tropical Indonesian ecosystems for generations to come.

We are super proud to support the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) through pack sales of our Big and Happy Borneo Tiger Prawns. These packs are a collaboration between The Big Prawn Co and our like-minded friends at The Happy Prawn Co. These amazing Tiger Prawns are naturally raised and fished in Borneo. 

For every pack we sell, we donate 20p directly to the BOSF. To date we’ve donated more than £13,000.

Taking real action to give back is so important to us, as does raising awareness of the crisis facing these beautiful animals. 

Coming up on your Menu this summer

Goan tiger prawn curry
  • Smoky coldwater prawns & tomato chickpeas – on the menu 8th-14th August
  • Goan tiger prawn curry – on the menu 15th-21st August
  • Harissa tiger prawns with herby quinoa – on the menu 5th-11th September
  • Tiger prawn arrabbiata – on the menu 19th-25th September

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