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Here at Mindful Chef, we use local – fresh British and award-winning ingredients sourced from our trusted farmers so you know you’re eating the highest quality. But what about looking after the outside of your body?

The skincare industry is booming, the beauty industry is booming and just like the heightened interest about what we are putting into our bodies, people are becoming more and more aware of what they are putting on their skin. They’re paying attention to ingredients more than ever and are seeking more natural alternatives with vegan beauty options fast becoming the new norm. And with Christmas just around the corner, our friends at Dr.PAWPAW explain why skincare ingredients matter.

Dr.PAWPAW, founded by husband and wife team Johnny & Pauline Paterson have created a range of multi-tasking balms for lips, skin and hair. Dr.PAWPAW harnesses the power of Papaya (PAWPAW) which works in harmony with Aloe Vera and Olive Oil to create an unstoppable powerful and ethically sourced ingredient trio that is included in all its balms. Vegan, natural and suitable for all skin and hair types. 

Read on to find out why these ingredients are so good for your lips and skin…

PAWPAW (Papaya Fruit)

So good – we named the brand after it! PAWPAW – also known as Papaya Fruit is a powerful ingredient that originated from Central America and Southern Mexico. The tropical fruit is packed to the brim with Vitamins A, C and E and provides ultimate nourishment and long lasting results for lips, skin and hair. Containing antioxidants and nutrients galore, PAWPAW provides anti-inflammatory properties and can help minimise the appearance of scarring and stretch marks, this moisturising and highly hydrating wonder ingredient can also help to fight the first signs of ageing and keeps skin looking fresh, smooth and hydrated. 


Renowned around the world for it’s soothing properties, this high performance ingredient is grown in tropical climates worldwide and works hard to keep skin both clear and hydrated. Packed full with moisturising and soothing properties, Aloe Vera is a great healer which soothes sore and sensitive skin and lips. It’s anti-inflammatory properties are well matched to treat and heal skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. 


Originating from the Mediterranean this super oil has been used for centuries in skincare due to it’s high moisturising and softening qualities. This anti-ageing ingredient nourishes hair and is a firm favourite when it comes to conditioning lashes and brows. Olive Oil deeply nourishes stubborn, dry and cracked skin and works in perfect harmony with both PAWPAW and Aloe Vera to provide the ultimate nourishing and soothing balms from Dr.PAWPAW. 

In addition to these hard-working ingredients, Dr.PAWPAW Balms also contain Castor Seed Oil which naturally complements the trio of ingredients with extra moisturising benefits and by stimulating hydration which promotes hair growth and optimum nourishment. 

Want to add these powerful ingredients to your beauty regime? Shop Dr.PAWPAW in-store and online at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Holland and Barrett. 

Save 20% at www.drpawpaw.com by using the code MINDFULPAWPAW – minimum basket spend of £10 and cannot be used in conjunction with any sale items or any other codes. Valid until 31.08.2022.

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