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Our Reverse Advent Calendar is back for the fourth time – and this year we want to make it bigger and better! Find out more below.

In 2020, you managed to donate 144,000 food items. That’s the equivalent of 24 tonnes of food and 57,217 meals for others less fortunate than us. 

This year we want to do even more and have set ourselves the goal of donating an incredible 200,000 food items. But we need your help!

Rather than take a daily treat from an Advent Calendar in December, we’re asking you to donate one non-perishable food item each day instead. And this year we’ve teamed up with the Felix Project to help distribute your donations to those who need it most.

Use your recipe box. Give a little every day. Change someone’s world this Christmas. 


First time joining our Reverse Advent Calendar? It’s simple – here’s how

1. Remove the ingredients from your Mindful Chef box as normal and put aside your Reverse Advent Collect+ label (keep it somewhere safe). Apply the Reverse Advent Calendar sticker to the inside flap of your box.

2. Add one non-perishable food item to your box every day from December 1st to the 20th – that could mean a tin of beans, a bag of dried pasta or a jar of sauce. Be creative, but make sure whatever you give is still in date.

3. As you fill your box, spread the word! Take snaps of your progress and share with the Mindful Chef community by tagging in @mindfulchefuk and using the #ReverseAdventCalendar hashtag.

4. Seal the box and follow the instructions on the Reverse Advent Collect+ label to return your box to us free of charge on the 20th December. We’ll take care of the rest. Please make sure you do not use your regular recycling label, otherwise, we cannot guarantee it will make it to The Felix Project.

Where does the food go?

The Felix Project makes sure that quality surplus food makes it to those who need it most – whether that’s low-income families, the elderly, the homeless, refugees or victims of abuse. As London’s largest food distribution charity, The Felix Project aims to deliver enough food for at least 2 million meals this Christmas. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with them.

We know that there is more than enough food to go around, yet in the UK, approximately 7 million tonnes of food is wasted every year. We want to help them increase this even more, which is why we’ve teamed up with them on this years #ReverseAdventCalendar.


Let’s get giving! The more people that join our Reverse Advent Calendar drive, the more we can make a difference. Encourage others to get collecting by posting your photos online using #ReverseAdventCalendar and @mindfulchefuk

We’ll also be sharing daily photos in case you need any inspiration of what to put in your box!

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