Nestlé makes its human rights training available to all


Nestlé today made its human rights training for employees available to all. Companies and others will be able to use the training module and adapt it to meet their own needs.

Human rights is one of the most fundamental and important issues in business. Nestlé has embedded respect for human rights in its Corporate Business Principles and in 17 additional policies globally.

The e-learning tool provides Nestlé employees with the skills to identify, analyze and resolve corporate human rights challenges across the company’s value chain.

Christian Frutiger, Global Head Public Affairs Nestlé S.A., said: “Businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights. By making our module publicly available we hope to inspire and help others, especially smaller organizations, who are facing similar challenges.”

Nestlé developed the training together with the Danish Institute for Human Rights, a national institution whose mandate is to protect and promote human rights. The module is built around three chapters: understanding human rights, human rights challenges, and practical solutions. It conveys complex information in simple language, without legal and technical jargon. Participants must successfully answer quizzes to progress to other sections of the module, ensuring maximum engagement.

More than 100,000 Nestlé employees across 72 countries have already participated in human rights training since 2011, and all employees are set to complete the training by 2020.

This training is part of Nestlé’s commitment to promote human rights in all its activities. The company has already developed a human rights governance structure everywhere it operates. It has also implemented ‘Tell us’, a global external grievance mechanism, which allows anyone to report breaches or concerns.

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