Mondays’ Seminar at the Hydrological Modelling Course 2021


The Hydrological Modelling Class

  • Introduction
  • Software Used
  • The Foreseen Schedule
  • The lab 
  • Seminars (you are already here)

All the seminars will be at 12:30 

  • 26 Aprile 2021, Modelling Groundwaters and their contaminants in the Engineering of Aquifer and Contaminated sites   – by  Prof. Ing. Alberto Bellin, PhD, Università di Trento
  • 3 Maggio 2021 – Working with Water and Snow – by Ing. Matteo Dall’Amico, PhD, MobyGIS
  • 10 Maggio 2021 – Water and Irrigation – by  Ing. Marco Bezzi, PhD, Bluetentacles
  • 17 Maggio 2021 – Process based models and modelling (Vimeo2021) – by Ing. Giacomo Bertoldi, PhD, EURAC Research
  • 24 Maggio 2021 – The Management of water scarcity in the Adige River Basin (Vimeo2021) – by dott. Fabio Lazzeri, Distretto dei Bacini Idrografici del Nord Est
  • 31 Maggio 2021 – Simplified DEM-based assessment tools for flood hazard assessment – by Ing. Attilio Castellarin (Vimeo2021), Università di Bologna

They are in Italian but if international participants will arrive they will be in English. Who is interested can write to abouthydrology <at> to have access to the webinars.

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