Mixing groundwater and seawater geochemical modeling with Phreeqc and Python – Tutorial


Phreeqc can solve geochemical simulations for a specific solution and simulations relying on previous results. We have developed a tutorial that goes through the Example 3 from the Phreeqc documentation in a stepwise approach to simulate groundwater, seawater, the mixing from both and cases regarding the equilibrium with calcite and dolomite. There is a Python class capable of running the input files and parse results incluided on the scripting part of the input files.

Link to the Example 3 of the Phreeqc documentation:




This is the code of the part B: mixing groundwater and seawater:

# This tutorial works on Windows and might work on Linux althought it have not been tested. 
# You need to have the batch version of Phreeqc installed
# Download Phreeqc from: https://www.usgs.gov/software/phreeqc-version-3

# import required packages and classes
import os
from workingTools import phreeqcModel
from pathlib import Path

Create a Phreeqc object, define executables and databases

#define the model object
chemModel = phreeqcModel()

#assing the executable and database
phPath = "C:\Program Files\USGS\phreeqc-3.6.2-15100-x64"
chemModel.phBin = os.path.join(phPath,"bin\phreeqc.bat")
chemModel.phDb = os.path.join(phPath,"database\phreeqc.dat")
'C:\Program Files\USGS\phreeqc-3.6.2-15100-x64\database\phreeqc.dat'

Set the input and output files

#Modeling pure water in equilibrium with calcite and co2
chemModel.inputFile = Path("../In/ex3b.in")
chemModel.outputFile = Path("../Out/ex3b.out")

Run model and show simulation data

Input file: ..Inex3b.in

Output file: ..Outex3b.out

Database file: C:Program FilesUSGSphreeqc-3.6.2-15100-x64databasephreeqc.dat

                           * PHREEQC-3.6.2 *              

                    A hydrogeochemical transport model    

                     D.L. Parkhurst and C.A.J. Appelo     

                            January 28, 2020              

Simulation 1. Initial solution 1.        /                                             

End of Run after 1.395 Seconds.
Parsing output file: 3 simulations found
Simulation 1:  Example 3, part A.--Calcite equilibrium at log Pco2 = -2.0 and 25C.         from line 18 to 177 
Simulation 2:  Example 3, part B.--Definition of seawater. from line 180 to 331 
Simulation 3:  Example 3, part C.--Mix 70% groundwater, 30% seawater. from line 334 to 491

Show simulation components

simObj = chemModel.getSimulation(3)
Simulation content:
        Initial solution calculation: False
        Batch reaction calculations: True
        Number of reactions steps: 1

Get first batch reaction

simDict = simObj.getSimulationDict()
{'Number': 1, 'Start': 19, 'End': 156}
batchReact = simObj.getBatchReaction(1)
dict_keys(['solutionComposition', 'descriptionSolution', 'distributionSpecies', 'saturationIndices'])
sC = batchReact['solutionComposition']
Molality Moles Description
C 0.003190 0.003190 None
Ca 0.004350 0.004350 None
Cl 0.169700 0.169700 None
K 0.003173 0.003173 None
Mg 0.016520 0.016520 None
Na 0.145600 0.145600 None
S 0.008777 0.008777 None
Si 0.000022 0.000022 None
dS = batchReact['descriptionSolution']
pH 7.349000
pe -1.871000
Specific Conductance (µS/cm, [0-9]5°C) 18383.000000
Density (g/cm³) 1.005250
Volume (L) 1.005800
Activity of water 0.994000
Ionic strength (mol/kgw) 0.208800
Mass of water (kg) 1.000000
Total alkalinity (eq/kg) 0.003026
Total CO2 (mol/kg) 0.003190
Temperature (°C) 25.000000
Electrical balance (eq) 0.000239
Percent error, 100*(Cat-|An|)/(Cat+|An|) 0.060000
Iterations 12.000000
Total H 111.013100
Total O 55.549600
dS = batchReact['distributionSpecies']
Molality Activity Log Molality Log Activity Log Gamma mole V cm3/mol
H+ 5.626000e-08 4.478000e-08 -7.250 -7.349 -0.099 0.00
H2O 5.551000e+01 9.941000e-01 1.744 -0.003 0.000 18.07
C(-4) 7.127000e-24 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
CH4 7.127000e-24 7.478000e-24 -23.147 -23.126 0.021 35.46
C(4) 3.190000e-03 NaN NaN NaN NaN NaN
# Molalities for species from C
dS[['Molality']].iloc[2:15].plot(kind='bar', grid=True)
# Molalities for species from Ca
dS[['Molality']].iloc[15:22].plot(kind='bar', grid=True)
sI = batchReact['saturationIndices']
SI log IAP log K(298 K, 1 atm) Description
Anhydrite -1.42 -5.70 -4.28 CaSO4
Aragonite -0.25 -8.58 -8.34 CaCO3
Calcite -0.10 -8.58 -8.48 CaCO3
CH4(g) -20.32 -23.13 -2.80 CH4
Chalcedony -1.08 -4.63 -3.55 SiO2
sI[['SI']].plot(kind='bar', figsize=(12,4), grid=True)
# plot saturation values higher than -5
sI[['SI']][sI[['SI']]>-5].plot(kind='bar', figsize=(12,4), grid=True)

Input files

You can download the input files from this link.

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