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Meet ManiLife, our amazing peanut butter producers. They’ve proudly supplied our boxes with their palm oil-free peanut butter since the early days and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This Pancake Day, we’ve teamed up to bring you the ultimate decadent chocolatey peanut pancake stack, featuring ManiLife Rich Cocoa peanut butter and Mindful Chef Organic Scottish Porridge Oats. So you’re in for a treat.

We caught up with Founder Stu, to find out how his delicious peanut butter came to life…

How was ManiLife born?

“A long story short, I had a job as an accountant which I didn’t enjoy. Moved to Argentina, met the family which runs the farm which we still source from today. Love them, and came home with the idea of running the world’s first problems-led peanut butter brand. This culminated with me importing a tonne of peanuts from the farm. The day they arrived our production partner pulled out and they had to be stored in my bedroom! It all started from my kitchen and six years later, we’re here”.

What makes your peanut butter different?

“We compare ManiLife to what happened to coffee 20 years ago. Now, coffee is still coffee, but you can have a NestCafe or your all-pressed flat white. ManiLife is your all-pressed flat white.

  • We source better ingredients, from a family we know and love.
  • We roast it to perfection (one of the first peanut butter brands to do so!)
  • And we blend our peanuts in small batches, to create a texture which is like no other”.

How did you start working with Mindful Chef?

“I look back on those days so fondly. We started working with you in the early days when you were only doing only 600 boxes a week, and now you’re doing over 45,000. Mindful Chef are genuinely fantastic people to work with, I love all your team and it’s been amazing since day one. I’m actually tearing up just thinking about it…”

Where can we find your peanut butter?

“In your Mindful Chef boxes, obviously. We’re also in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon,, and hundreds of lovely independents that have stuck by us since the beginning”.

How to ManiLife’s values fit Mindful Chef’s?

“Our leading value is people first. Mindful Chef clearly values their people, not only in the office but their customers too, so we’re a big match on that. Secondly is to be curious – if you look at Mindful Chef’s history, the development of all their recipes, and getting experimentation in customers’ kitchens, curiosity is at the heart. Thirdly, is to be better. To chase the product, because it’s flipping amazing. Last but not least, is to be bold, which speaks for itself”.

Have you ever made a pancake?

“No, this is my first pancake ever. So who better to team up with than Mindful Chef!”

Tried ManiLife yet? This Pancake Day, we’ve teamed up to bring you the ultimate decadent chocolatey peanut pancake stack we know you’ve been waiting for. Find the recipe here and don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram.

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