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We’ve caught up with Mindful Chef ambassador and two-time Team GB Winter Olympian, Aimee Fuller on all things goal-setting, nutrition and manifestation.

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This year you’re going to be broadcasting for Beijing, how does it feel to be a spectator rather than a competitor this year? 

It’s so exciting, and an honour. It’s something I have been working towards since competing in 2018, I feel really lucky to have another interest outside of my sport, that gives me the same buzz and excitement that snowboarding does. With live TV, anything can happen, so it always keeps you on your toes and requires mental agility like that of snowboarding.

I will be fronting the coverage on BBC 3 every night at 8pm. It’s new to air, The Winter Olympics Extra for the relaunch of BBC 3 on February 1st. I am also across your airwaves, hosting a 13 part series Podcast called the Olympic Mile where I chat to the famous faces of Team GB, as well as a host of international names all whilst taking a 1-mile stroll. You can subscribe here for your source of moving motivation. 

Tell us your story with snowboarding, how did you get started? 

I started skiing at the age of 4 on Bromley Dry Ski Slope, combine that with 2 years of motocross from the age of 6-8 lining up with 30+ boys on the start-line, it was there I learned to read lines and transitions in a track. Aged 10-12, 2 years of gymnastics as the elephant of the club, I learned air awareness and I finally tried snowboarding at the age of 12. I fell in love with the culture of the sport, the freedom in creativity, the no rules approach to progression and having fun on the mountain with friends. It’s really special. 

What was the hardest part and what was your favourite part about training for competitive sports?

The hardest part was competing when the weather gods didn’t play ball. I’m talking -40, windy and icy 22 meter jumps in Quebec Canada. You would have no choice but to push through when on the hunt for the all-important qualification points, it’s scary and I don’t miss putting my body on the line like that.

The best part was traveling the world, being introduced to friends for life, and the exhilaration when pushing progression and landing a new trick. I call snowboarding the degree of life, it’s a sport that’s given me so much, in life skills, character building and the ability to be worldly and adapt to any situation in any corner of the world.  

How did you prepare for competition day? Any favourite foods or mindful rituals?

For me a good home-cooked meal is the ideal with friends, I love healthy alternatives such as the Mindful Chef Chicken Tikka, it’s all about swapping out the heavy oils and starchy carbs yet still getting the maximum taste. 

Aimee with Founders Myles and Giles back in 2018.

How important is nutrition when it comes to competing and training?  

It’s so important it’s everything. I’d always have a big breakfast to sustain long days on the mountain, a decent sized lunch after riding and then a light dinner. Food really is the fuel on board, it helps with recovery and provides the engine with the energy during those long tiresome days. 

Was there anything you did to settle your nerves at the start gate?

I’d always strap in and follow my little ritual. For me that was making sure my bindings were nice and tight, then I’d stomp it out and tic tac back and forward to really find the feeling on my board, and grip the edge of the snow to find the grip point. Plus knowing I’d done my ritual the night before and slept in my start bib!

From competing globally in snowboarding to running marathons in North Korea, you’re clearly not shy of big goals. Tell us how you go about setting your goals?

Well if I was to give it all away now, you wouldn’t need to read my book, Fear Less Live More. It’s an insight into:

  • How to recognise it in yourself
  • How to be mindful of fear without letting it take control
  • How to reframe fear and build a healthy relationship with it
  • What to do when things go wrong

It’s out on February 17th and you can pre-order it now.

I draw on my training as a professional athlete, provide confidence-building tools that can be applied to any aspect of life, like goal-setting, maintaining consistency, celebrating your strengths, learning from failure, taking comfort in choice, owning your decisions and visualising success. 

What tips would you have for young aspiring athletes setting their sights on competing? 

Manifestation is your tool, if you can see it, if you believe it, anything is possible. Consistency is key, set the small building blocks and chip away at them. Before you know it, you’ll be 3 steps closer to that dream. 

What are your top tips for training during winter? 

For me it’s all about preparation, the night before, laying the yoga mat out, putting your running kit on the radiator and creating that time, and owning that time to nourish your body!

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