How to learn (La)TeX


 If you want to know an interesting story, go and see what is TeX and why it was produced by Donald Knuth. It is a typesetting system with a language behind it, and the way most scientists who use mathematical formulas, write their paper (and equations). Actually, most of us use LaTeX the Leslie Lamport TeX, which is usually customized to obtain the desired layout by many journals. Native digital used to WYSIWYG can find strange the way it works but after a little practice, no one can really avoid to use it for formulas.

Assuming that I have convinced you (but my students SHOULD agree ? ) you have to learn it now. On the web there are many resources. Starting from the quickest,
  • Learning LaTeX in 30 minutes (by Overleaf, the platform we used for LaTeX shared documents)
  • The not-so-short-introduction to LaTeX
  • And “More Math to LaTeX” which focuses to write formulas
  • The LaTeX wikibook that could serve as a Reference book
Obviously there are several video tutorial available. The best thing for gettin them is that you Google “Latex Tutorial Video” by yourself. Any one for beginners can be found here:
Because TeX and Latex have their glorious history, there are several groups promoting them. The oldest one is the TeX user group, or, in brief, TUG
P.S. – Italians can also read the beautiful:
  • “LaTeX per l’impaziente” by Lorenzo Pantieri
  • “L’arte di scrivere in LaTeX” by Lorenzo Pantieri e Tommaso Gordini. 

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