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Mindful Chef has recently moved into a new office and our friends at Patch have helped inject some greenery into our space.

Patch helps you match your space to their natural habitat

There are lots of different types of houseplant, and each one has evolved in a different climate. To give them a good chance of survival you need to match their natural habitat, as closely as possible, to the conditions in your home or office. 

The most important factors are the amount of natural sunlight (think desert vs shady forest floor) and the amount of water (think desert vs rainforest). 

Desert plants like cacti and succulents won’t like being frequently watered, whereas a tropical plant might appreciate a room with higher humidity, like a bathroom. 

Stick to these rules and you can’t go far wrong!

3 top tips from Patch to green up your space

1. Remember, plants are portable!

Think of plants as living decoration and the possibilities are endless and one of the best things about them is they’re completely portable, so you can rearrange your plants to fit your mood or style changes.

People often think you need a lot of light and a lot of space if you want plants. Neither is true. As long as your room gets some natural light, even just a tiny bit, there’s a plant that can live there.

2. Hanging plants are great for tiny spaces

If space is an issue, hanging plants are your friend. You don’t need any spare floor space to hang a beautiful vine from the ceiling or bookshelf. ‘Rapunzel‘ (or Devil’s Ivy) works a treat.

3. Always go odd

Whenever you’re arranging plants they’ll always look better in odd numbers. Even numbers can look a bit formal, which is great if that’s the look you want, but for something more inviting and casual, keep it odd. 

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