How long does it take to develop a groundwater model for my research project / master thesis?


Developing a hydrogeological research project that considers groundwater modeling for a bachelor thesis or a master thesis requires you to take into consideration several topics, such as input data, hydrogeological knowledge and time to learn the software in order to provide a numerical simulation that reaches the objectives of your research project.

Learning a software for groundwater modeling should be easy as developing some tutorials and playing around with your own data; however it is not that easy since it involves the review of lots of documentation, have strong knowledge in hydrogeology and numerical modeling and deal with uncertainties and numerical unconvergences.

Usually universities give six months to develop a thesis and that is not enough to develop a groundwater model when you don’t have modeling capabilities at the beginning of the tesis. You might achieve this timeframe if you have intermediate knowledge on the software and half of the input data available from the beginning of the thesis period.

Our advice will be to have prior experience in modeling before your thesis and don’t jump into the thesis with few modeling capabilities even though you take specific courses because time will always play against you.

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