Everything you need to know about my 5 weeks to 5K programme


There are currently 80 women signed up to my popular beginners’ programme 5 weeks to 5K and I can’t wait until later on in the month when I open the doors to the private facebook page and we get started.

I’ve been fielding quite a few questions about the programme over the last few days so I figured I would pull together a Frequently Asked Question post, so you can have a look and see what it’s all about.

What it is not going to do is share the techniques within the programme…NO…only the women who have signed up get that, you don’t need to know what’s coming, only that more than 5000 women have taken part in this programme before and it works.

So here comes the questions

What is 5 weeks to 5K?

It is a 6 week online coaching programme to get you up to the 5K distance, led by 5 times marathon runner & transformational coach Julie Creffield.

First seen on ITV’s This Morning where Julie helped 3 ladies and the nation to fall in love with running. There have been regular cohorts of this programme for the last 4 years, and women often use this programme to gain the confidence to then join traditional running clubs or become regular parkrun runners.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is specifically designed for beginners and returners to running. Women who are either overweight, inactive or both….but we don’t discriminate so it is open to anyone who identifies as female and wants to take part. Women who are interested not only in how to run, but how to do so consistently and in a way that fits in with their life.

Women who don’t want to do it alone.

How much does it cost?

£25…but its currently reduced to £20…there is also an option to buy a medal for our virtual race, but this is not compulsory.

When does it start?

We kick off the group with a welcome week on Monday 18th January, during this time we get to know each other, get our kit ready and ask all the questions. Then the running starts the following week. The programme culminates in a FREE virtual 5K on the last weekend of February

How does it work?

You get access to a closed and private Facebook community led by Julie Creffield and a team of LIRF qualified coaches. Each week you will receive a prerecorded coaching video, and there will also be a live pep talk each week. Plus there are downloadable resources and support from guest experts around stretching etc

It is the group accountability you are going to love though…the vibe in the Facebook group is awesome.

Are there set days I need to run?

Nope. You fit your runs in when they suit you. The ideal number of runs are 3 times a week, but you can still get up to 5K with just 2…no problem. Sometimes we can’t fit in 3 right?

I’m not in the UK is that OK?

We have women from all over the world in our running programmes, you are all welcome. Just keep an eye on the timings of live calls etc…everything is recorded so you will never miss anything.

Is this open to men?

Sorry guys, nope. But you can buy the book and follow the process. Feel free to post on social media and I will cheer you on. I’ve found that women need women-only groups because of the sensitive stuff they disclose in my communities.

What if I’m too slow?

No such thing. This programme doesn’t care what speed you travel at as long as you travel. The main thing is you listen to your body and work as hard as feels comfortable. We will have women that can do a 5K in 38 minutes and women who take an hour and 8 minutes…makes no odds to us.

What if I can’t run the whole 5K by the end of the 5 weeks?

That doesn’t matter either. The aim is to give it your best shot and to cover the distance….and guess what? You can all cover 5K…you do it every time you go to one of those out of town shopping centres…just not in your running kit. Walk, jog, jeff, or run…whatever works for you. We just want you to grow in confidence, fitness and consistency.

There is always the option to extend your final run to the week after the end of the programme, there is no shame or guilt in our programmes.

Can this be done on a treadmill?

Absolutely. Although one of the runs in particular might be a little dull. But you may decide to brave the great outdoors for that one.

How does it compare to a traditional couch to 5K programme?

Traditional couch to 5K’s get you to do run-walk intervals which are set for you. My programme gets you to behave like an adult and listen to your body instead. It focusses on time on your feet, and variety in your runs so you don’t get bored or overwhelmed.

And here’s the thing a couch to 5K app won’t care if you get out and run or not, we will. Don’t underestimate the power of group accountability.

Traditional programmes build you up over a longer period of time, but lots of people never make it past week 3 or 4…by only giving you 5 weeks to build up, there is no chickening out.

Are you qualified?

I have a leadership in running fitness qualification and am insured to run group programmes. But you do take part in this programme at your own risk. We advise that you speak to your GP about doing this programme if you have any health problems that you feel might be impacted with exercise.

I am also a mindset coach, and am a module away from qualifying as an ICF accredited life coach…much of what we cover will be about beliefs, mindset and goal setting.

Plus, I have been running for more than 15 years sized 16-22, and have coached more than 10,000 women in my online and in person training programmes.

Are there any reasons I shouldn’t do this programme?

Yes. If you have medical conditions that you know there is a risk.

What happens after the 5 weeks?

At the end of the 5 weeks you can join our FREE online running club which is hosted in a closed facebook group….and throughout the year there will be other group programmes, meet ups and events to get involved in.

Come and join us…I have a really good feeling about this cohort, it’s going to be great. I love supporting women to achieve their goals, and seeing them supporting one another too. Remember we start on the 18th January. Sign up here

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