Coming Back From a Running Injury


Coming Back From a Running Injury

Last summer I was teaching three circuits classes per week, and gradually my left knee got stiffer and stiffer. But it was way down my list of things to sort out, and physio appointments were nonexistent. So I ignored it.⁠

Back in March, I picked up my son who was squirming around at the time and as I turned, In twisted something in that knee. And the next day it was painful to run on. So I finally booked in to see the physio. ⁠But the appointment wasn’t for a couple of weeks – they’re still in short supply as runners rush to get their lockdown ailments seen to it seems.

After 10 days off and some stretching, it was a lot better so I did a few 20 minute easy runs.

The expert verdict

I eventually saw my physio (after having to postpone it by another couple of weeks when my son has a temperature – but then tested negative). After much poking and prodding that didn’t elicit any pain, she said I’m ok to keep running if I keep it short and easy for now. She said I’d probably had a bit of tendonitis that has calmed down now.

We had a big chat while she did some work on my knee about all the injuries she’s been seeing this past year caused by people working from home. Working at kitchen tables, walking around barefoot on hard floors all the time and leaping into new exercise regimes.

It’s easy to overlook how seemingly small changes to our lifestyle have an impact on our bodies. But this can be positive too: walking a little more every day or going to bed an hour earlier.

I’m glad I kept the appointment, even though my pain had mostly gone. I got some advice and a green light to run as long as I’m sensible.

What’s next?

I was booked into do two half-marathons in August – both deferred races: one from March and one from last year. At first I was going to do both as build-up for a marathon, but after my knee issues I cashed in the Big Half entry and took the refund. I didn’t want to, but it’s a sort of sacrifice to the running gods in the hope they’ll look kindly on my knee and keep letting me run.

So I’m not doing The Big Half in August. Just (hopefully) the London Landmarks Half. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of races returning. But word of the month for May is SENSIBLE. And I’ve started early.

For the past two weeks I’ve managed three runs, one strength session and a swim, and I’m really rather chuffed about it all.⁠

April felt like a bit of a write-off training wise as I battled with the knee and lost motivation to do anything else. Partly it was a loss of motivation, partly it was sensible – I knew certain strength moves were going to aggravate my knee and it hadn’t felt too great cycling.⁠

So, as frustrating as it was and as grumpy as it made me, I rested. And it seems to have paid off – the past few weeks have been pretty good and I feel confident that, with a sensible approach, I can keep moving forwards.⁠

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