Beyond Academic Research (BAR) Talks


The Beyond Academic Research (BAR) Talks are organized by the Young Hydrological Society – IT.  It was a excellent series of event in five webinars to bring young hydrologists or aspiring such  to know the world of hydrological opportunities in Italy as developed by small and medium business and the experience of other young researchers.  The YouTubeVideo are very interesting (unfortunately in Italian). It cannot escape to the attention to the reader that they suggest many possible ways of interactions between researchers and the “real world” of the profession of hydrologist in Italy. 

  • BAR Talks – R&D in small and medium companies in Italy i
  • BAR Talks – R&D in big multinationals companies
  • BAR Talks -Young researchers experiences
  • BAR Talks – Research Institution (Part I)
  • BAR Talks – Research Institution (Part II)

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