A place to find MODFLOW executables for any operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux


A normal distribution of the core versions of MODFLOW as well as its variants, and Modflow-Based particle tracking and solute transport models includes not only the executables for Windows, but also the documentation, source code, test problems and other utility programs. Working with the multiple tools of Modflow implies a huge collection of files that aren’t useful for the simulation itself if you are working on Windows. Modelers working on Mac or Linux had to compile our executable by themselves.

There is a site where you can find all the executables of Modflow and related programs for Windows, Mac and Linux. The files are delivered as a zip file and contains executables for:

  • Modflow 6 (mf6) – Core version

  • Zone budget 6 (zbud6) – Water balance

  • Modpath 7 (mp7) – Particle tracking

  • Mt3dms and USGS-MT3D (mt3dms and mt3dusgs) – Solute transport

  • VS2DT (vs2dt) – Variably saturated porous media

  • Triangle (triangle) – Triangle mesh generation

  • Gridgen (gridgen) – Unstructured Finite-Volume Grids

  • and other programs.

There is an option to search for previous versions of the executables that date from Dec 2018 by searching the repository tags.

Repository link:


If you want to search for previous versions:


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