A different way to carry Epi-Pens


With so many back to school sales, this is a great time to stock up on some tricks for living with food allergies.

Small pencil cases make great Epi-Pen holders. You can find some small enough that they’ll fit two Epi-Pens and some single-dose Benadryl packets perfectly, or buy a bigger pouch to fit an inhaler too.

I buy solid color pencil cases (usually soft cloth or neoprene) and in permanent marker or fabric paint, write in big letters Epi-Pens followed by a red cross. The red cross alerts people that the pouch contains medication. I also put in a piece of paper with the important information: child’s name, allergies (i.e. anaphylactic reaction to tree nuts), your name and contact phone number.

A pencil case fits easily into a backpack, a shoulder bag or a purse, so it adapts easily to whatever you or your child happen to be carrying at the time. Which helps increase the compliance with having Epi-Pens available at all times. Happy shopping!

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