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September is a month of getting back into it. Routines pick up again. School runs restart. And when it comes to our health, we’re all for pressing refresh and getting balance in our meals. We’re starting with some easy healthy hacks below, to inspire you.

1. Balance is best

10 minute Hot-smoked salmon, tomato & green beans on the menu 12th – 18th September.

Healthy eating isn’t just broccoli vs. birthday cake, but getting the right proteins, fats and carbs. Your recipes are always nutritionally balanced and around 450-650 cals. Why? So you can feel satisfied with every meal. And confident it’s all taken care of.

2. Keep energy levels up

Reduce refined carbs and put whole foods first. Your boxes swap white pasta and bread (which spike blood sugars) for slow-release sweet potatoes, quinoa and brown rice. Why? Because it’s great to be full of beans, not sluggish from a carb coma.

3. Eat colourfully

Asian-style steak, peach & noodle salad on the menu 26th September – 2nd October.

Eat your greens. Yellows. Reds, oranges, and purples, too. Every meal you whip up from us has around 3 of your 5-a-day. Easy. Why? The more colours on your plate, the more nutrients you’re giving yourself.

4. Choose the right proteins

Spicy chicken, egg & pepper shakshuka on the menu 19th – 25th September.

Protein helps to keep you full. But quality matters. That’s why you only get 100% British, ethically reared meat (hello free-range chicken), as well as sustainably sourced fish in your box. Why? Meat and fish that’s traditionally farmed (and fed a natural diet), is better for you.

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