4 Lysimeter GEO users


  In ten minutes or so I am meeting the first organised group of possible Lysimeter GEO users that are not just my students of the Hydrology Class. It is time, I guess for collecting all the material we organised around it.  Lysimeter GEO is the informatics companion of a real Lysimeter, like the one in Figure.

Installations should follow the standards of the GEOframe systems (edition Rossano in these days)

I assume that Richards theory is known. Otherwise, one should give a look to this old but still valid presentation (if English speaking). Otherwise the most recent class of Hydrology can be useful for this learning task. You can find it here.

Figure is from Nehemy, et al. 2020. “Tree Water Deficit and Dynamic Source Water Partitioning.”  https://doi.org/10.1002/hyp.14004.

Lysimeter GEO uses WHETGEO 1D (the creature of Niccolò Tubini) for estimating infiltration in waters. Information on how using WHETGEO can be found in the lab classes of the Hydrology course (unfortunately  the video material is in Italian but, all the documentation provided trough Jupyter Notebooks is in English. Particularly relevant, when you go to download the code (see below) is giving a look to the Notebook_Zero which give the general information.  A paper on WHETGEO is in the process of writing. As soon as we will have a decent draft, it will be shared with people on this and other posts. 

Lysimeter GEO currently implements the Priestley-Taylor, Penman-Monteith-FAO and the Prospero model for the estimation of evapotranspiration. All of them are well documented in Michele’s (Bottazzi) Ph.D. Thesis. It is producing some publications too, and when they will be in preprint, they will be shared. Applications of the GEOframe models of evapotranspiration are available at the GEOframe Winter School pages (here). 

All of it is put together with the Lysimeter GEO model. Concetta D’Amato prepared a couple of seminar for its use which are available at this WATZON project page. The code and material used by Concetta in her presentation is available here.

All of us is committed to promote the use of our tools. Everything is open source, well designed, well documented. Do not esitate to ask us for support, if needed. WHETGEO, Prospero and Lysimeter GEO are on Github. 

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